8.44. Config Rules

Config rules are rules that when matching, will change the configuration of Suricata for a flow, transaction, packet or other unit.


config dns any any -> any any (dns.query; content:"suricata"; config: logging disable, type tx, scope tx; sid:1;)

This example will detect if a DNS query contains the string suricata and if so disable the DNS transaction logging. This means that eve.json records, but also Lua output, will not be generated/triggered for this DNS transaction.

8.44.1. Keyword

The config rule keyword provides the setting and the scope of the change.


config:<subsys> <action>, type <type>, scope <scope>;

subsys can be set to:

  • logging setting affects logging.

type can be set to:

  • tx sub type of the subsys. If subsys is set to logging, setting the type to tx means transaction logging is affected.

scope can be set to:

  • tx setting affects the matching transaction.

The action in <subsys> is currently limited to disable.

8.44.2. Action

Config rules can, but don't have to, use the config rule action. The config rule action won't generate an alert when the rule matches, but the rule actions will still be applied. It is equivalent to alert ... (noalert; ...).