8.26. SMB Keywords

SMB keywords used in both SMB1 and SMB2 protocols.

8.26.1. smb.named_pipe

Match on SMB named pipe in tree connect.


smb.named_pipe; content:"IPC"; endswith;
smb.named_pipe; content:"strange"; nocase; pcre:"/really$/";

smb.named_pipe is a 'sticky buffer'.

smb.named_pipe can be used as fast_pattern.

8.26.2. smb.share

Match on SMB share name in tree connect.


smb.share; content:"shared"; endswith;
smb.share; content:"strange"; nocase; pcre:"/really$/";

smb.share is a 'sticky buffer'.

smb.share can be used as fast_pattern.

8.26.3. smb.ntlmssp_user

Match on SMB ntlmssp user in session setup.


smb.ntlmssp_user; content:"doe"; endswith;
smb.ntlmssp_user; content:"doe"; nocase; pcre:"/j(ohn|ane).*doe$/";

smb.ntlmssp_user is a 'sticky buffer'.

smb.ntlmssp_user can be used as fast_pattern.

8.26.4. smb.ntlmssp_domain

Match on SMB ntlmssp domain in session setup.


smb.ntlmssp_domain; content:"home"; endswith;
smb.ntlmssp_domain; content:"home"; nocase; pcre:"/home(sweet)*$/";

smb.ntlmssp_domain is a 'sticky buffer'.

smb.ntlmssp_domain can be used as fast_pattern.