Unified2 Output Removed

As of Suricata 6.0 the Unified2 output has been removed. The legacy Unified2 format lacks the flexibility found in the Eve format, and is considerably more difficult to integrate with other tools. The current recommended output is EVE.

Packet (Payload) Logging

By default, Eve does not log the packet or payload like Unified2 does. This can be done with Eve by enabling the payload in Eve alert logs. This will log the payload in base64 format to be compatible with the JSON format of Eve logs.

It is important to note that while Eve does have an option to log the packet, it is the payload option that provides the equivalent data to that of the Unified2 output.

Migration Tools


Meer is an Eve log processing tool that can process Eve logs and insert them into a database that is compatible with Barnyard2. This could could be used as a Barnyard2 replacement if your use of Unified2 was to have Suricata events added this style of database for use with tools such as Snorby and BASE.

More information on Meer can be found at its GitHub project page: https://github.com/beave/meer.


Please note that Meer is not supported or maintained by the OISF or the Suricata development team.