19.6.1. Update File-store v1 Configuration to V2

Given a file-store configuration like:

- file-store:
    enabled: yes        # set to yes to enable
    log-dir: files      # directory to store the files
    force-magic: no     # force logging magic on all stored files
    force-hash: [md5]   # force logging of md5 checksums
    force-filestore: no # force storing of all files
    stream-depth: 1mb   # reassemble 1mb into a stream, set to no to disable
    waldo: file.waldo   # waldo file to store the file_id across runs
    max-open-files: 0   # how many files to keep open (O means none)
    write-meta: yes     # write a .meta file if set to yes
    include-pid: yes    # include the pid in filenames if set to yes.

The following changes will need to be made to convert to a v2 style configuration:

  • The version field must be set to 2.

  • The log-dir field should be renamed to dir. It is recommended to use a new directory instead of an existing v1 directory.

  • Remove the waldo option. It is no longer used.

  • Remove the write-meta option.

  • Optionally set write-fileinfo to enable writing of a metadata file along side the extracted file. Not that this option is disabled by default as a fileinfo event can be written to the Eve log file.

  • Remove the include-pid option. There is no equivalent to this option in file-store v2.

Example converted configuration:

- file-store:
    version: 2
    enabled: yes
    dir: filestore
    force-hash: [md5]
    file-filestore: no
    stream-depth: 1mb
    max-open-files: 0
    write-fileinfo: yes

Refer to the File Extraction section of the manual for information about the format of the file-store directory for file-store v2.