27.2.3. GitHub Pull Request Workflow Draft Pull Requests

A Pull Request (PR) should be marked as draft if it is not intended to be merged as is, but is waiting for some sort of feedback. The author of the PR should be explicit with what kind of feedback is expected (CI/QA run, discussion on the code, etc...)

The GitHub filter is is:pr is:open draft:true sort:updated-asc.

A draft may be closed if it has not been updated in two months. Mergeable Pull Requests

When a Pull Request is intended to be merged as is, the workflow is the following:
  1. get reviewed, and either request changes or get approved

  2. if approved, get staged in a next branch (with other PRs), wait for CI validation (and eventually request changes if CI finds anything)

  3. get merged and closed

Once submitted, we aim at providing a first PR review within two weeks and a month.

If either code, documentation wording or commit messages need re-work, the reviewer will set the PR state to changes requested.


It is expected that the author will create a new PR with a new version of the patch as described in Pull Requests Criteria. A PR may be closed as stale if it has not been updated in two months after changes were requested.

A PR may be labeled decision-required if the reviewer thinks the team needs more time to analyze the best approach to a proposed solution or discussion raised by the PR.

Once in approved state, the PRs are in the responsibility of the maintainer, along with the next branches/PRs. Reviewers and Maintainers

A newly created PR should match the filter:

is:pr is:open draft:false review:none sort:updated-asc no:assignee

The whole team is responsible to assign a PR to someone precise within 2 weeks.

When someone gets assigned a PR, it should get a review status within 2 weeks: either changes requested, approved, or assigned to someone else if more expertise is needed.

The GitHub filter for changes-requested PRs is:

is:pr is:open draft:false sort: updated-asc review:changes-requested

The command to get approved PRs is:

gh pr list --json number,reviewDecision --search "state:open type:pr -review:none" | jq '.[] | select(.reviewDecision=="")'

An approved PR should match the filter: is:open is:pr review:approved.