12.9. Includes

A Suricata configuration file (typically /etc/suricata/suricata.yaml) may include other files allowing a configuration file to be broken into multiple files. The special field name include is used to include one or more files.

The contents of the include file are inlined at the level of the include statement. Include fields may also be included at any level within a mapping.

12.9.1. Including a Single File

include: filename.yaml

12.9.2. Including Multiple Files

  - filename1.yaml
  - filename2.yaml

12.9.3. Include Inside a Mapping

    include: address-groups.yaml

where address-groups.yaml contains:

%YAML 1.1
HOME_NET: "[,,]"

is the equivalent of:

    HOME_NET: "[,,]"


Suricata versions less than 7 required multiple include statements to be specified to include more than one file. While Suricata 7.0 still supports this it will issue a deprecation warning. Suricata 8.0 will not allow multiple include statements at the same level as this is not allowed by YAML.